About Mobilizr

About Mobilizr

Mobilizr Sweden AB was founded in 2011, when there was a need for user-friendly yet powerful solutions that focus on helping e-retailers in the social and mobile e-commerce.

The foundation was laid back in 2006 when we started to work closely with e-retailers and partners to improve the online experience for merchants and their platforms.

The entrepreneurs behind Mobilizr has over 50 years experience in e-commerce, marketing, web development, design and user-friendly yet technically advanced solutions. Through our own unique solutions, we have created magic for our clients as we together build and create sustainable solutions for the future.

Today our solutions are active in several differens countries

United Kingdom-01 Netherlands-01 Sweden-01 Norway-01 Luxembourg-01 Ireland-01 Germany-01 France-01 Denmark-01 Belgium-01 Austria-01

We help our clients with:

  • Brand awareness
  • Engaging and targeted solutions
  • Product performance
  • Customer Conversion and results

Our passion:

Our passion is to earn your trust by our leadership, service, and simply by giving a little extra to keep our customers satisfied for years to come.

Our Best Practices assures our customers that we deliver in an effective and timely manner.

Making complex processes easy is our specialty.