The Foundation for Mobilizr was created back in 2006 with the vision of making user friendly solutions that simplifed the process for reaching new clients in the ever evolving market place. We achieve that now successfully utilizing social media and mobile media solutions.


The vision is to create ready-made yet unique and leading solutions for clients that sell towards consumers. We help both newly established companies as well as companies with an e-commerce store already in use – and achieve great results for all of them!


The founders of Mobilizr Sweden AB have, put together, over 50 years of experience from the fields of e-commerce, marketing, webdevelopment, design and user friendly yet technically advanced solutions.
Our passion is to serve you confidently and take you by the hand as the leaders in our fields. By great client service and by going the extra mile to keep you a satisfied client for many years ahead.

Simplified innovation

Innovation is the core of our establishment. The driving force that transforms and and streamlines the advanced solutions for our clients. Simplicity is what we use to create amazing and userfriedly functions and systems that solve many of the challenges our clients rendezvouz with on daily basis.
We believe success is the common goal for all our activities, which contributes back to clients whom also take part in the success, we simultaneously create and Secure the future of our employees.

Our goal is to be able to easily supply the best experience to each and every client now.


Because of our current standards of deployment, our unique and leading edge solutions we have managed to attain and partner up with some of the largest companies online to help us leverage and improve our own efforts in reaching clients that we are able to serve the best. This is a critical step for us and our clients. It gives us a headstart in this industry and alllows us to maintain our momentum to focus on constant innovation and renewal.


Behind the Mobilizr facade exists both structure and know-how for sales, customer service, support and development. By having all competency and knowledge in-house we are able to introduce and create tailormade systems for our clients. The client is always the focal point!