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A mobile shop from mobilizer adapts your online store automatically for the visitor if they are using a smart phone, computer or a tablet and the content is optimized to match your environment.

Add your shop in the hands of your customers! Create a brand awareness solution for the iPhone, Android and tablets that seamlessly integrates with your online store.

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Mobilizr makes it easy for you to sell directly on Facebook to millions of users, without further ado or fees to vendors for your online store. Let your customers buy from you without leaving Facebook.

Your Store on Facebook is an extension of your shop and gives you better visibility among a growing number of potential customers. Each friend can help increase your store’s reputation and your Products with an incredible speed through the sharing / like functionality built into your Facebook shop.

The social share feature allows your visitors and customers quickly and easily share your Products out on Facebook among their friends. Use this tool to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

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”We are seeing a very rapid development in which cell phone as a platform for ordering goods online is emerging as a powerful complement to conventional computers.

The mobile phone you carry everywhere, which makes it easy, when and where you want to order a product.

During dinner, when discussing a book in the store, when you see a camera you want, but its cheaper somewhere else or directly when you get a tip on a new computer game from a friend ”

Arne Andersson, E-commerce expert at