Social Media

Learn to sell using Social Media

Social Media – Helps you Transform your ”Likes” into ”Buys” as a logical next step.
Utilize and draw upon our experience, expertise and our technology solutions to position your brand in the center of the current conversations on Facebook.

Every day hundreds of millions of people log onto Facebook and get in touch with the people they care about, when and where they want.

Amazing things happen at Facebook every day: People meet, communicate, fall in love, share experiences, plan, play and have lots of fun!

innovation is constant and is strongly affected by all of Facebook’s members needs and demands.

As time goes by, more and more people are attracted to Facebook. More people are finding the joy of sharing valuable information, recommending links, accessing and experiencing great things about social media integration and communication

– wherever you are anywhere in the world. Facebook is here to stay.

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Mobilizer makes it easy for you to sell directly to millions of Facebook users, without further ado or fees to vendors for your online store.
Let your customers buy from you without leaving Facebook.

Your Store on Facebook is an extension of your shop and gives you better visibility among a growing number of potential customers.
Each friend can help increase your store’s reputation and your Products can be marketed to others and spread through the share / like functionality built into your Social Media store.

The social share feature allows your visitors and customers quickly and easily share your Products with their Facebook friends. Use this tool to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Also called viral marketing.