Terms and conditions

Mobilizr M-Commerce and the F-Commerce Terms and Conditions – 2014-03-01

1. General

Through the written, electronic or verbal order of the product called FCommerce 
or M-Commerce in Mobilizr (hereinafter ”Mobilizr”) has acquired the customer 
(Hereinafter ”Customer”) only the right to use the product in accordance with Mobilizrs 
Terms of Agreement. With the written order refers to a signed offer / agreement. With electronic 
order means an order placed via the Internet or e-mail. With an oral 
order means order placed by phone with a known sound recording. 
The supplier of Mobilizrs F-Commer and M-Commerce and the services provided 
the www.Mobilizr.se are Mobilizr with Company Number 556875-8949. These Terms 
regulates the relationship between the customer and Mobilizr for services, Products and 
functions provided by Mobilizr under the trademark Mobilizr.se. 
The customer is the party that represents an individual or business to which 
Mobilizr submitted a quote, or the Mobilizr included in the contract and to which Mobilizr 
providing services under these terms. 
The agreement between the parties can not be resold, transferred or otherwise communicated by 
the customer to third parties without Mobilizrs consent in accordance with § 3 of this Agreement. 
Signing the agreement on Mobilizrs services, Customer agrees to ”Powered by 
Mobilizr ”logo graphically displayed on the customer’s e-commerce solution. 

2. Term and Payment

The agreement applies to (12) months and is paid annually, semi-quarterly or monthly in 

Login to the admin system 
Login details and address of the installed system are sent to the customer immediately. 
The contract is not affected by when the account holder chooses to use the system, for example 
by uploading information, articles, pictures, company information, business conditions, etc. 

Mobilizr may terminate the agreement in the contract with immediate effect därsom customer 
violates any of the points of agreement. Denunciation shall be notified in writing by letter or 
by fax. Periodic charges such as transaction fees for debit card solutions billed 
monthly in arrears. All payments made against invoice, 20 days net. Customer is responsible for 
that payment terms are followed. At regular violation of the terms of payment can Mobilizr 
may require the remaining principal sum without delay. 

If payment has been withheld out after the expiration of twenty (20) days have Mobilizr right 
shut down the client’s product until payment is received. Mobilizr is entitled to charge 
fee for the service even after the Mobilizr shut down the service. Mobilizr entitled to at 
non-payment charge for reminders, collection costs, collection costs 
and interest on late payments in accordance with the Interest Act (SFS 1975:635) 

3. Mobilizrs responsibility

Mobilizr responsible for the operation of the agreed upon with the customer service contract entered into, 
which among others include the backup of your data once a day. Mobilizr can not 
ensure that data can be read to the customer’s account. Mobilizr not responsible for direct or 
indirect damage, economic losses due to errors, delays, imperfections, 
interruptions, lack of delivery in the form of data, lack of availability or similar 
circumstances or events. Indirect injury refers to but is not limited to the loss of 
data, barriers to fulfill obligations to third parties or non-use of contracts. Since 
service is dependent on the Internet is operating normally, the customer agrees to interrupt, 
lags, bugs and other obstacles on the Internet do not constitute misconduct. 
Mobilizr has no control over information or materials on Mobilizrs servers. 
Mobilizr is also not liable if someone is infringing on Mobilizrs servers and 
computer resources and gain them access to, destroy or distort information. Mobilizr 
is not responsible for any defamatory information contained on Mobilizrs servers. 
To safeguard customer privacy Mobilizr manages all information about the customer who 
confidential. However, Mobilizr via court order required to disclose 
information about the client to the appropriate authorities. 

4. Customer Responsibilities

The customer is in relation to Mobilizr solely responsible for all information transmitted through 
Internet, and for everything that is published in the customer’s F-Commerce and M-Commerce, including 
linked objects, provided by Mobilizr. The customer is therefore responsible for both 
foreign as in Sweden applicable copyright, data types and other Swedish 
laws and regulations are followed and that necessary approvals are in place to collect, store, 
process and disseminate information. The client also undertakes to comply with international 
agreements and laws and other regulations that 
may be conditions for the use of all or part of the access in the IP network. 
The customer is obliged to procure the license or permit from both the private operators 
public authorities, as required by the content uploaded by the customer or 
customers’ Internet activities. Mobilizr reserves the right to consider whether the rules 
followed by the customer. The Customer also undertakes not to make unauthorized entry into the resources 
connected to the IP network in its entirety, including any of Mobilizr. Customer is responsible 
also to generally accepted ethical standards and that Mobilizrs or governmental authority 
instructions for using the service are followed. The customer is solely responsible for any 
claims that can be brought against him by third parties due to the content 
the Customer is using, downloading from the Internet or otherwise coming into contact with 
the cultivation of the service. Mobilizr owns the right to terminate the contract during the contract period with 
immediate effect if the Customer breaches any part of the contract or if Mobilizr believe 
Customer inappropriate. Denunciation shall be effected in writing by letter or e-mail. 
Each customer is via Mobilizr order and pay for its use of Mobilizrs services. 
The Customer is not entitled to use system resources that go beyond their own needs, which 
means that the customer can not develop services that are not relevant to their own domain 
or the website’s functionality. 
Customer is entitled to delegate to another operation of the layout, updating and the like. This 
limit but not the Customer’s liability under this Agreement. 

5. Policies

We do our best to keep Mobilizr sure, but we can not guarantee it. We need your 
help to achieve that goal, and that means that you agree to the following: 
You may not collect users’ content or information, or otherwise obtain access 
to Mobilizr, via automated methods (eg harvester robots, robots, spiders or 
scrapers) without our permission. 
You may not engage in illegal network marketing, such as pyramid schemes, via Mobilizr. 
You may not upload viruses or other malicious computer code. 
You may not attempt to collect login information or get access to accounts that 
of others. 
You must not bully, harass or threaten any user. 
You may not post content that: is hateful, threatening or pornographic, inciting 
violence or that contains nudity or coarse or arbitrary violence. 
You may not develop or operate a third-party application that contains alcohol-related 
or other adult materials (including advertising) without entering the correct age. 
You may not use Mobilizr to perform any unlawful, misleading, malicious or 
act of discrimination. 
You must not do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair Mobilizrs 
functionality, such as a DoS attack. 
You may not assist or encourage any violations of the terms of this report will. 
Customer and its users have sole responsibility for all content published on 
server, and to ensure that the intellectual and other property rights are not infringed 
of the contents. Since Mobilizr not systematically monitor or exert editorial 
oversees the content of the Customer’s website, Mobilizr reserves the right to remove 
any link to a third party website or other content of Mobilizrs 
reasonable opinion, may infringe or violate any law or third party rights, of which one 
whatsoever nature, or otherwise does or may do Mobilizr guilty of civil or 
criminal disobedience or public ridicule. 
Customer agrees to indemnify and declare free of accountability and their own 
medium defend Mobilizr from all or any claims for breach in accordance 
with the above statement. 
The customer is obliged to procure the license or permit from the public authorities 
required because of the content uploaded by the Customer or the Customer 
Internet business. Mobilizr would not, either itself or that our customers should figure in 
the abusive use of the Internet. Mobilizr reserves the right to freedom 
examination of these conditions. 
Mobilizr have permission to do checks on the information on the customer’s storage space. 
If a customer breaches the contract, Mobilizr reserves the right to block the information 
that is deemed inappropriate. Is the offense serious, Customer may be suspended in whole or in part from 
continued use. Maintenance and care of the material performed by the Customer through Mobilizrs 
administrative tools. 
Customer is entitled to delegate to another operation of the layout, updating and the like. This 
limit but not the Customer’s liability under this Agreement. 

6. Force majeure

Parties are not responsible for any damage due to war, strikes, lockouts, fire, 
water damage, blockades, defect or delay in delivery from subcontractors, interruption of 
power supply or wire transfer, fault or damage in the network or server, or other similar 
Circumstances beyond the party’s control. The reservation in respect of strikes, lockouts and blockade 
applies whether the party takes or is subject to such actions. The party, which 
wish to invoke force majeure to exemption from duty, without delay in writing 
notify the other Party. Such notification shall be made without unreasonable delay after 
the party knew or should have realized that the circumstance may be invoked as grounds for relief 
is present. The same applies when the fact that party. 

7. Disagreements

Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be finally settled by arbitration 
Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute (”Institute”). The Rules for Expedited 
Arbitration shall apply unless the Institute due to the complexity of the case, 
in dispute and other circumstances, determines that the Rules of the Stockholm 
Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute shall apply to proceedings. In the latter case, 
The Institute also decide whether the arbitral tribunal shall consist of one or three arbitrators. 
The arbitration shall take place in Stockholm. 

8. Changes to the Agreement

Changes to the Agreement enters into force immediately after they are posted on our website. 
Chnages replaces the old agreement. Mobilizr owns the rights to any contract renewal under 
these conditions, to adjust the current price list.