Work at Mobilizr

Work at Mobilizr

Mobilizr delivers a leading solution in F-commerce. Every day we help clients create a reputation out to over 1,2 billion people.

We developed every day in a positive direction and see our work as a mission which contributes to good team spirits and a constant flow of innovation and fun.

Today we have customers in Denmark and in Sweden – expansion is planned.

Social media has grown slightly unbelievably in recent years and Mobilizr aims to be one of the leading innovators in this area in the now as well as in the future. We have only seen the beginning of development and opportunities. We are always looking for talented team members to reinforce the structure of the company and drive the development of new innovations.

A perfect candidate for Mobilizr is a person who works well in a team and can collaborate with designers, developers and marketers to create amazing new solutions Mobilizr and push the limits regarding E-commerce, mobile and social commerce. We are looking for passionate, hard working and talented individuals who get things done and aims to develop himself to his full potential.